Attanasi Mimmo Francesco (born May 6, 1989), better known by his stage name Jay-Carter , is an American hip hop recording artist from sud side Italy, One of his great passions in life is rapper. for several years, he began to listen to the tracks of the Maybach Music ,We the best music,Ymcmb known all over the world,and finally other rapper of the state New York.

Jay has a great respect for the artists. Over the years , in some places, met some artists rappers in one of the Club of Rome, and a few years later, at the age of 19, he started writing rap lyrics…In April of 2009 in the course of a day like other, was taken to a hospital with emergency remained a month for further checks. Immediately after a few years he began to write a new lyrics, which he talked about his time in the hospital. In January 2011,through friendships he called Nicolas Producer Beat instrumental who lives in Cologne (Germany) , with the Italian language that debuted with the title ( Blood.Sweat.Tears) with released free…

In February through various contacts with a record company knows Alex origins founder of the musical producer (domini), Jay has recorded the second single titled ” our memories ” for the loss of his dear friend who died tragically in a bad accident .

JayCarter has recorded the third debut single entitled ” The Criminal ” in March 2011, with the help of a great artist who is of American origin… Jay -Carter in June began to collaborate and try to make rapping in the American language with many artists in New York at “Quad Studio” for his album after releasing several self-released songs for free in his early career.

Jay released the songs, titled Speak On trust and Light up my mind,was released in 2013, “speak on trust” sold at number on 6000 copies and “LIght it up my mind” sold at number on 12.000 copies…He has also appeared on Vic Terno Show New York City with the song “Our memories” in italian language…In june 2014, Jay-Carter announced the launching of his new album with the best beats instrumentals better and in collaboration with other rappers associated,Quad studio,Stadiumred records..

In the month of August 28 to released a new single titled “Crazy Money Going Up Town” that after a few months sold about 20,000 copies…In the month of December 2014 release the music video in his youtube channel that get to have 50.825 views.In the new year in January 2015 his video comes on the famous youtube channel “Vevo” that after a week release had 90,000 views more from the video previous…

In the month of September 20, 2015  released a new single titled “ My Pain Turned Me Into A Monster Success ” which he recounts her lifestyle and some problems of indifference to its success by on the part of its people that comes from small sud side Italy…

Jay-Carter in the month of October 2015  is back again in New York for new events regarding his tv interview at azteca with beautiful Melissa Gonzalez and for about shoot his second music video with his team of brooklyn, that one of which is its director called ” Dj Emmo Ogun ” other his brother Omar, that always supports and appears in the his music videos ..In the month of February 2016 release new music video of the song ” My Pain Turned Me Into a Monster Success ” launched for the second time on his Vevo channel…After a couple of months after the launch of her single makes his ultimate record for having sold about 43,000 copies …In these two years Jay has worked hard and earned friendship and congratulations by different kinds of world famous artists like his brother and friend souljaboy which belongs to the family Cash Money Records, SODMG, and others from the state Miami and New York.

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